Mindset Journal for Mums. 

A little moment to just be...Me.

Two mindset journals for mums on a table with a candle and sun shining on them.

This little journal is all about creating a quiet moment for you and only you, Mumma. It is a space to vent, cheer, feel, dream, consolidate and let go. To hold, appreciate, reflect, plan, wallow, process, create, or connect. For you to be.​​​​​​​​

Unedited from the world’s eyes. ​​​​​

It is for you to capture your most incredible breakthroughs and some of your most hurtful heartbreaks. The everyday moments and those that are completely life-changing.

The pages of this little journal will create the most nourishing space to dive in, fail and make progress by being courageous, brave, and vulnerable.​​​​​​​​ A space for you to equip yourself with all that you need to be your calmest, most present, and most intentional version of yourself. 

This journal is your sacred space. Your moment in time. For you to not be mum, partner, sister, daughter, friend, or colleague. For you to be you. The Human. So that you can be all those other things so much more.

*Australian made, published and printed*


Part One:

Breathe, Release and Be

These pages invite you to let it all out. 
A brain dump where there is no need for structure or logic. 
A place to start from where you are and to write freely. Whatever comes to mind is welcome without editing or holding back. 

Also a space to build a gratitude practice that encourages you to soak in all the good in your life.

Part Two: Acknowledge, Process and Reframe

Guided prompts have been specifically curated to guide you through different moments and feelings at any point in time.
Taking a moment to work your way through these big and little feelings means you are able to create a calmer, more present reality in your everyday life.

Use it to your advantage as you look to acknowledge, process, and reframe your thoughts to create different feelings in your everyday life. 

This truly is the secret weapon for yourself and your mum friends to navigate the rollercoaster of motherhood.