Michelle Weeks

Mum, Life & Mindset Coach 

(BYCA Life Coach & BA/BEd Macquarie University, Sydney )

Me In A Nutshell

  • Mum to the cutest little man Freddie, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, proud aunty.
  • Lover of sport, cooking, travel, reading, the ocean and an obsessive picture book collector.
  • Passionate South African born, Aussie girl, currently living in Tasmania.
  • Personal development enthusiast and an avid journaler and supporter of idea sharing, kindness and gratitude.
Michelle Weeks holding baby whilst smiling at camera

My Mission

My mission is to make a tangible difference in the busy lives of mums by supporting their mindset in many accessible ways.
I empower you to soak in the everyday moments that fill your cup through building tangible mindset tools that help you feel calm, present and guilt-free while juggling all that you do in your life!

I deeply believe in the benefits of my offerings in helping you genuinely soak in the precious years you have with your children, without you needing to sacrifice all of yourself, your confidence, your mental space and your interests and hobbies in the process.

My Story

Strap in, this one could be a novel!

 My story has grown and evolved out of my own lived experiences. Having started my Life Coaching business to support teachers as a passionate teacher myself, I found myself truly benefiting from everything I had learned and implemented over the years when my motherhood journey started. And what a journey it was…

During the same week that I found out I was pregnant with my little Freddie, I also received a call from my Dad’s leading professor to inform me that his health had declined and I needed to make my way back to Australia immediately. This meant leaving New Zealand and my husband, with no idea when I might see him again (COVID times!). On arrival back in Australia, I spent the next 3 months in the incredible haematology ward at RPA hospital in Sydney with my family while my Dad fought the brave fight. Unfortunately, he didn’t win his battle and my own motherhood journey began with the loss of my very favourite person in the world, who my son never got to meet.

The journey then continued with moving 11 times for my husband’s job, spending months on end in lockdown and quarantine and then finally settling in Sydney to have our little man Freddie, only to be thrown into lockdown the same day he was born, meaning he wouldn’t meet all our loved ones before we relocated again when he was 6 weeks old.

Needless to say, my entry into motherhood was…colourful…and yet I was able to adjust, process my grief and genuinely enjoy the juggle of mum life within uncertainty. I tribute this all to the mindset work (hello understanding perfectionism!) that I had previously done (and continue to do daily) and the work I had done with my clients for the years leading up to this period of time. Despite all the challenges, I was able to adapt with resilience, soak in the precious moments with my son, pull on gratitude for all that we experienced and genuinely stand strong in myself as a person, as well as to learn to be myself as a mum too.

Were there moments of feeling overwhelmed, deflated and of utter worry and doubt? ABSOLUTELY, they are part of the human experience. BUT, I was able to trust myself and lean into my mindset strategy toolbox and recognise that I could support myself to make it through without crumbling. Pleasingly what I actually experienced was unbelievable growth and flourishing. I have absolutely no doubt that this is accessible and available to you too, dear Mumma.

I knew there was another way. I knew that the widely publicised default story that motherhood should be a hard slog, flooded with constant worry, feeling like I needed to do and be better, doubting, questioning and overall exhaustion, didn’t have to be my only reality.

So I set out to consciously choose how I wanted my motherhood journey to feel and look. I knew that I had power in this, I didn’t need to be a victim. I never once dismissed or overlooked the moments that were difficult and draining, instead, I recognised them AND knew that I was strong enough and equipped enough to overcome them resiliently, without sacrificing all of myself and my energy in the process. I focused on where I wanted to expend my energy and anchored into my values to ensure I knew what was most important to me. This meant I was able to genuinely soak in the long days and nights, as they were, instead of wishing they were something else. This was powerful work and made a huge impact on how I experienced my life and the journey of my every day, instead of just the ‘destination’.

Just like you, I had the motivating factor of knowing that working on myself would have a beautiful flow-on effect for my family and on creating a life that didn’t only need to be hard or exhausting or chaotic. I now also know my mission in my business is to share my knowledge with as many mums as I can so you too could experience the greatness of supporting your mindset, enabling you to truly cherish the moments you have with your family.

In all offers I create now, I ensure they are the most powerful, accessible, effective ways for mums like you to understand yourself and how your brain can be a tricky little monster that with support can be reframed and lassoed back into line.
The result? Being able to take your motherhood journey by the horns and create one which you bloody adore!

I am in love with finding ways forward for mums who are riding the ebbs and flows with uncertainty. I am in love with creating ways to manage the demands of your many different roles in life so you can live and love a wonderful life with your family, equipped with the strategies to flourish.

I understand you.

I understand the pressures you feel from within and from outside. I have felt the exhaustion of caring so deeply, of providing a warm, safe and caring environment for your little (or big) people to grow and develop. I know what it feels like to have a ‘never-ending’ list of things to get done, to crave that moment to yourself to catch up and breathe and to feel like you are on the fastest hamster wheel ever invented!

I get you.

I also know there is another way and I am here to guide you and build your mindset toolbox which will make it manageable and enjoyable again.

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