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A Mother's Mind Membership.

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A Mother's Mind Membership has been specifically curated to provide you with easy access (via an app or desktop) to mindset support and mental load-lightening practices that fill your cup and nourish you, so that you can show create the mental capacity to be able to beautifully soak in everyday moments with those you love most.

It focuses on supporting Mums to lighten and share your mental load through implementing the specifically curated mental load-sharing practice called OFFLOAD.

The membrship is part cheerleader, part mindset master and part reassuring butt pat. It welcomes calmness, messiness, smoothness, rockiness, deep lulls, exhilarating joys, mum buns, stylish beach waves, boxed emotions, gleaming laughter, moments of “I’m fucked”, periods of “I’m nailing this” and every single thing in between. 

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How does it work?

Put pay a monthly amount and get access to all the resources, live calls and the OFFLOAD practice guide inside A Mother's Mind Membership.

…as a result, you become calmer, have a lightened mental load & learn how to share the default parenting role within your family, feel more present, more empowered, less rollercoastery and much, much more in control of the ways you react in your life and the way you *want* to show up in your life, as a mother and as the fabulous human you are too.

A Mother's Mind Membership is easily accessible on a desktop, but in much better development for my technological brain, it is also available through the Kajabi app, which is why it is truly your pocket pal, with you all the time, through that little thing we call your phone!

Cool cool Michelle, but what do I actually get?

  When you join A Mother's Mind Membership you get access to:

OFFLOAD: the practice to support you lighten and share your mental load.


  • Offload is a specifically curated practice designed to lighten your mental load and create the mental capacity to show up as you are, loving the small and big moments in your life.

Implementing the Offload practice will help you:

Lighten your daily and weekly mental load.

Create long-term solutions to delegate mental load with your partner/family.

Have more energy and mental capacity to explore interests, hobbies and things you love.

Feel less frustration, resentment and angst towards your role in your family.

Change your identity around having to do it all without any other options.

Improve the communication channels between you and your partner or family.

Improve your self-talk, self-kindness and ability to celebrate yourself.

Create a balanced default parent relationship so your kids don’t automatically come to you for everything and feel confident knowing who to go for, for what.

Confidently prioritise the things that matter, and worry less about the things that don’t.

Catch yourself before you go into meltdown mode and know how to get back on track.

  • Offload is exclusively available within A Mother's Mind Membership, with short (15 mins) video guides to help you implement the practice quickly and a written guide to assist you with the practice weekly.
  • Lightening your mental load is the key to better rest, deeper presence and unlocking the mental capacity to prioritise yourself and we all know you are worthy of that.


Pep Talks - Where the magic happens!


  • A growing library of truly powerful pep talks centred around emotions and experiences that you encounter daily. These provide INSTANT mindset support and shifts to support you in the moment. They are pure magic! 
  • Pep talks are 10 mins +/- in length and are fabulous for you to pop in your ears over and over again, to guide you through big, little, positive and negative emotions in real-time.
  • Easily accessible on-the-go through your private app accessed through Kajabi, or when you have squirrelled out a moment to yourself.
    3 new pep talks are added to the library each month. 

The categories these address are;

 Overwhelm, Frustrating & Guilt

 Change & Adjustment

 Celebration & Wins

 Doubting, Catastrophising & Burnout

 Simplicity, Slowness & choice

 Priorities, Planning & Communication

 Reset & Pause

 Relationships & Values

Live Monthly Journaling Sessions


  • A monthly live journaling call, led by yours truly, helping you move through common motherhood experiences. These will be guided and themed to cover many aspects of mindset in motherhood and will include optional hot seat mindset coaching for live participants.  
  • Join these calls to be guided live or journal along to the replay available within 24hr of the live call.
  • This is great if you are new to journaling or if you are looking for ways to maintain the practice regularly in your life.
  • No pre-work is required. Just show up as you are, with an open mind, a curious soul and welcoming arms for mindset shifts allowing you to soak in the beautiful moments of your everyday life.


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A Little bit about why I created A Mother's Mind Mebership...

A Mother's Mind Membership will pick you up when you are down, guide you off the hamster wheel that never seems to slow down, wipe your tear away when you are sick of tasting the saltiness in your mouth, whoop whoop with you when celebrations are in order and most importantly, help you create a mindset that actually supports you daily to grow, adapt and resiliently adjust throughout all the stages of motherhood. 

It will be there for you in the little moments, as well as the really huge moments. A space that feels fricken amazing, helping you to be calm, present and fulfilled, having received everything you need in every moment you access it.

I created A Mother's Mind Membership after working with many mums at every stage of motherhood. These mums knew their mindset impacted how they experienced their everyday life, but when it came to putting time aside to work out the ‘how’ of shifting their mindset, they felt at a loss as to where to start and how to keep going.

"Can't you just be inside my brain, Michelle??"

Well, now I am and you get spared the parts of my brain you don't want, trust me! 

As a life and mindset coach and a mum myself, I have created time-efficient, impactful strategies to support mums like you, within the pockets of time you have, to make it as easy as possible to access, implement and *feel* the difference of mindset coaching in your everyday life. 

A Mother's Mind Membership is where you will go to find and maintain ongoing mindset support, to learn how to lighten your mental load and to get quality support to help you when your brain rears up and convinces you that this state of overwhelm is just going to be your reality forever! (Hot tip: it is not!)

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What mums who are already inside A Mother's Mind Membership (formerly called As You Are) say:

I would say I am generally a positive person. However, since having a baby and experiencing what sleeplessness is all about, I have noticed that I have started to dwell on the negatives. I have found that A Mother's Mind Membership has been so valuable in supporting me to change my mind frame during those moments of negativity. When I’m feeling that way, I can pop on a 10-minute pep talk and work on reframing my way of thinking.

- Bridgette K-C

A Mother's Mind Membership really has helped me to take a breath. I am a terrible overthinker. My mind is always thinking about what I need to do next, how I can utilise my time to get things done and I really have difficulty taking time out without feeling guilty. As You Are is reminder to me that actually investing in myself is going to help me to be a happier person who in the end is much calmer and more present for my loved ones.

- Lauren K

By showing me there’s Mummas across the globe who feel the overload just like I do and who don’t pretend life is Instagram perfect 24/7

- Sarah

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If you are ready to let go of the overwhelm, of always having a brain that is full to the brim and rather start creating space for you to be the person and mum you want to be. A Mother's Mind is THE place for you to achieve that.